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Join me for drinks around sunset on 9th October as I  preview my forthcoming historical novel 'The Silken Rose' and share some of my research on 'those wicked medieval queens'


I look forward to seeing you


Carol McGrath

The Silken Rose by Carol McGrath


During the thirteenth century, when you have intelligence and determination and are foreign it is hard to be Queen of England. You are a she-wolf!

Thirteen year old Ailenor of Provence, proud, cultured, intelligent marries Henry III in 1236. She is determined to provide heirs, and protect the throne from enemies but she conflicts with Henry’s barons. Ailenor is exotic, foreign and forward thinking and soon she is perceived as a ‘she wolf’ queen with unqueenly ambitions and too much influence over the English crown. War breaks out in Aquitaine as her husband determines to reconquer lost lands. Will Queen Ailenor save Aquitaine for her son, Lord Edward, the heir?

Rosalind, a young woman of London, is betrothed to the King’s grocer’s cruel son. She is employed as the Queen’s embroiderer and soon falls in love with Simon de Montfort’s squire. Rosalind’s safety is threatened when a secret linking her to the French Cathars is revealed. What threat to the King will Rosalind discover and can Queen Ailenor protect her embroiderer from persecution?

Set in England and Gascony, The Silken Rose is first of the Rose novels with England’s high-medieval ‘she-wolf’ queens as protagonists.

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