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Poetry Writing

with Neil Fawcett

Wednesday 9th Oct.

13.00 - 16.00

Places available

Taygete, the nymph who gave her name to the mountains above Stoupa, rests her golden horns upon the high ridges each day. She was both ‘the doe with the golden horns’, transformed to escape the pursuit of mighty Zeus, and the mother of Lacedaemon, first King of Sparta and product of Zeus’s rape.

Spartans, Romans, Byzantines, Franks, Venetians, Ottomans, British and Germans, have sailed their ships across the bay between Stoupa and the castle town of Koroni. Some passed by and others stayed for a while, building a fort on the acropolis where a temple to Athena once stood.

Invaders picnicked on the beach, swam in the sea, fought with sword, cannon and rifle. The mountains echoed with war, Greeks fighting for Greeks, Greeks fighting against Greeks.

Through the clash of wine filled glass, the clash of steel on steel, the dull thud of bullets in sand. Through it all, each morning on the mountains above Stoupa, Taygeti rests her golden horns upon the highest ridge to begin another lighted day.


Join me for for an afternoon of poetry and creation in a shaded garden before the glittering foil of Stoupa’s sea.

Neil Fawcett

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