The Mani Lit Fest short story competition, in association with 'Inside the Mani' magazine, is a great opportunity to see your name in print -  for writers and aspiring writers everywhere.

We are delighted to announce the winner of the Mani Lit Fest Short Story Competition 2019 is 'A Walk in the Mani' by Pat Woolfe. Congratulations Pat.

Our judge Sarah Bower comments: 'Although up against some close competition, A Walk in the Mani is my choice of winning story. This is a darkly humorous tale of an oppressed wife’s bid for freedom which uses humour effectively to examine a serious subject. The gaslighting Robert is particularly well characterised and I was cheering aloud when he got his come uppance. The Maniot setting, from beachside cafes to mountain walks, is beautifully done and the whole written with a fluency and pace which makes for a very enjoyable read.'
The runner-up is Charlie Raine by Heather Worsley, which Sarah thought had 'a particularly effective (and mean!) twist at the end'. Well done Heather!

You can read Pat Woolfe's winning entry in the 2020 edition of 'Inside the Mani' magazine and by clicking on the button on this page

(Previous editions of Inside the Mani are free to download from

We hope to run another short story competition in 2021.  The opening date will be announced later in the year.



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