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We are currently in the planning stages of the fifth Mani LIt Fest on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th October 2023.


The first Mani Lit Fest took place in October 2018, and expanded to a two day  event in October 2019.  Unfortunately the 2020 event was cancelled due to the difficulty of planning and arranging travel during that exceptional year, but the third Mani Lit Fest finally took place in October 2021, followed by the fourth last September and October.

Where are we?

The Mani is a peninsula in southern Greece, the middle 'finger' of  the three fingers of the Peloponnese region.  The Lit Fest takes place at Patriko Cafe-Bar in the village of Stoupa, approximately 50km away from the city of Kalamata, the regional capital, where the nearest airport (KLX) is located.  

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How it Began ...

A new event for the area, Mani Lit Fest almost invented itself. It began one lazy day in summer 2018, with a cup of coffee in the shady garden of Patriko Bar in Stoupa, and a conversation with historical novelist Carol McGrath. A part-time resident of the area, Carol had previously done a 'Meet the Writer' event at the bar, where she had talked about her first novel 'The Hand-Fasted Wife' (book one of her Daughters of Hastings trilogy). Carol having just published her fourth novel, ''The Woman in the Shadows', the talk turned to the possibility of her doing another similar event at the bar. Less than an hour later, the idea had somehow grown into a full day event of workshops, talks, performances and literary cocktails, and we realised it had turned into a mini literature festival.

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How do I Book?

Mani Lit Fest is currently a free event open to everybody, so just check our programme and come along to the venue.  No need to reserve, except for the creative writing workshops.


Due to the nature of the writing workshops, we do have to limit the number of participants.


To book your place, simply send an email to, telling us which workshops you would like to attend.  Visit our workshops page for more information.

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