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Author of

'The Book of Katerina'

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My Father at the Bakers


On the veranda 

is a bony old man 

who but for

the kombolói

reminds me 

of my father.

He has a thin 


and baggy shorts 

and his right 

foot is agitating

at the marble

as if 

pumping some 


that would have 

him in a wish

at the top 

of that mountain

concealed now 

in cloud

and haze. 

If he were here 

I would ask him 

if he preferred


to coastlines,

you are supposed

to be one 

or the other 

I would say.

So many questions

and still 

a language barrier.

It’s a fantasy 

thinking of him 

like this,

I can’t have seen 

him old. 


in my mind

he has 

aged with me 

though this too

is a fruitless

train of thought

because one

of the few facts

I know

is that he’s 


We’ll just sit here 

for a moment

his doppelgänger 

and I 

and stare 

at a middle 



this hot 

and sultry


by the living

the imagined

and the dead.

© 2019 by M.Wicks/Mani Lit Fest

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